My reading list grows exponentially. Everytime I read a book, it'll mention three other books I feel I have to read. It's like a particularly relentless series of pop-up ads.
-A.J. Jacobs

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brain hurts. Must Write.

This junk in the Texas air is making my brain hurt. Like crazy. It hurts to read. It hurts to look at the computer screen. Heck. It hurts to think.

I want to write. BAD. Instead I'm contemplating drilling a hole in the middle of my head to relieve the pressure.

Done complaining. Promise.

My main reason for this post is because I am trying to find my inner 13 year old boy so that I can bottle him up and use his lingo to get me through writing the rest of Post-It Bandits. I want my writing to be true to a 13 year old boy, but don't want it to be stereo typical or total tween-talk. I hang out with 9-10 every day, so I have first hand access to their langauge, but it's not every day that I hang out with a 13 year old.

That would be oogie if I did. Unless I was their teacher. Then it'd be a different story. Point being, if you are one of those oogie people that hang out with 13 year old boys, or if you teach them or are a parent to them, I need your help. Maybe you used to be a 13 year old boy. Ladies, please refrain from using this as an opportunity to come forth with your past as a man. I don't want to know.

Tell me some of those ticks that they have, how they treat adults, phrases they use all the time, how they spend their spare time (that's not so stereo-typical), and anything else that you can help me out with.

I'm scheduled to go hang out in a 7th grade classroom in the upcoming weeks AND. Cannot. Wait. It is going to be the best thing ever. I Hated middle school. Quite possibly more than high school, which I hated with a passion. I almost feel like giving the students an obligatory messages of:

Middle School Does Not Last Forever.
Sitting At the Cool Table is Not Going to Mean ANYTHING in Ten Years.
Just Because You're An Ugly Duckling Now, Does Not Mean You Will Be Later In Life.
(and the opposite) To Mr. Hotshot: You Will Be Bald and Fat At Your Ten Year HS Reunion.

Anyway, if you have any brilliant nuances of a teenage boy, please enlighten me. I found out the other day that a 13 yo wouldn't say: No biggie.

So any help would be greatly appreciated! Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best. Post. Ever.

Kristen, my other half, has interviewed me. Yes, you read that correctly. I have been interviewed. My very first interview.

*hushes screaming fans*

You all are going to have to calm down.

*taps foot and sighs*

Okay, okay, people. This is getting ridiculous. Your excitement for this awesomely amazing interview is absurd and I demand you all to get a grip on yourselves.

Thank you.

Basically, I want you to know up front that I heart Kristen, but you also need to be aware that she likes to make stuff up. She's a compulsive liar who eats at least 10 cupcakes a day, so my answers may or may not be entirely true.

There's also the slight possibility that I suck at being interviewed. But not likely. I'm not usually the one with the problem. Everyone else is the problem. Not me.

If you've made it through this ridiculously long and drawn out, pointless post, then I applaud you and reward you with...

Drumroll please...

My Very First Interview.

Friday, April 2, 2010

First Page Blogfest

Kelly Lyman is hosting the First Page Blogfest! If you haven't signed up already, go...NOW! :)

This is my new first page from the after picture of the reconstructive surgery that my MS is in the process of getting. The MS even has a new name! The lovely ChristaCarol came up with it and I liked it a lot, plus I was needing a more creative title. The new title is Chance and here is the first page from the chapter titled Dead On:


The chimes of a door trilled in warning, but it was too late. By the time I looked up I’d already crashed into her. The last thing I saw before getting sucked in was the plastic sack tumbling out of her arms. My heart jumped and the world turned black as the image hit. There was no way to escape the unwanted vision from assaulting my mind.

She was tied up and gagged in a filthy room with grime caked on the walls. A man, wearing all black and a creepy rubber mask, stepped out from the shadows. The girl squirmed and squealed, with her black mascara streaking down her cheeks. Each boot made a loud distinct click on the concrete as he advanced on her. She thrashed around, frantically trying to get out of the rope shackles that clung to her.

Behind his back, gloved hands revealed a wire, taut and ready to be used. She panicked and flailed on the bed. The man moved closer with a low disturbing laugh. With one fluid movement he closed the gap between them, removed the gag, and twisted the rope around her neck. In no time at all, her screaming became gargled and her eyes bulged as she gasped for air. In her last futile attempt to stay alive, she jerked her body back and forth before turning limp; bloodshot eyes – wide, lips – blue.

The vision fizzled and I sucked in my breath, and tried to open my eyes, but couldn’t. The whole world was black and I couldn’t pull myself out and back to reality. My throat was tight, and I couldn’t get enough air to save my life. In the background, I could hear the distant wails of sirens and voices containing the urgency of the situation.

That's all folks! And come to think of it, this is the scene that I planned on posting for Anne Riley's Murder Scene Blogfest. Hmmm. Would that be cheating? Hope you enjoyed! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

CC Was Feeling Neglected

Since I've been taking my blog-cation, I've been neglecting dear blog. I hope to be back soon, but writing is my focus right now.

Anyway, I just stopped by to say that ChristaCarol is having The Greatest Blog Contest EVAR! She is giving away lots of fantabulous books, so stop by and become a follower if you aren't already. Because she's awesome and she's the first person I blog stalked and even followed to writer's workshop.

Basically, I owe her this. And last night, we were sitting at IHOP after a very succesful read at workshop and she looked rejected that I hadn't stopped by her blog. So, I promised her I'd do this instead of teach today.

As you can see, that didn't happen, but better late than never, right?

Also TinaLynn at Sweet Niblets is holding A Novel In Six Months. It started today...but no fear, you still have time to join. I wrote 1,715 words today. Because I'm an over achiever and the 500 words came so easily. But in a way I think I might be screwing myself because what if my muse does not show up tomorrow? Then what??

And Kelly Lyman is hosting a Blogfest tomorrow, post your first page. A looooooooong time ago I posted my first chapter. Well that along with 5,000 other words have been cut from the original novel, because, well, it sucked. So stop by to see the sparkling, new version of page 1. :)