My reading list grows exponentially. Everytime I read a book, it'll mention three other books I feel I have to read. It's like a particularly relentless series of pop-up ads.
-A.J. Jacobs

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best. Post. Ever.

Kristen, my other half, has interviewed me. Yes, you read that correctly. I have been interviewed. My very first interview.

*hushes screaming fans*

You all are going to have to calm down.

*taps foot and sighs*

Okay, okay, people. This is getting ridiculous. Your excitement for this awesomely amazing interview is absurd and I demand you all to get a grip on yourselves.

Thank you.

Basically, I want you to know up front that I heart Kristen, but you also need to be aware that she likes to make stuff up. She's a compulsive liar who eats at least 10 cupcakes a day, so my answers may or may not be entirely true.

There's also the slight possibility that I suck at being interviewed. But not likely. I'm not usually the one with the problem. Everyone else is the problem. Not me.

If you've made it through this ridiculously long and drawn out, pointless post, then I applaud you and reward you with...

Drumroll please...

My Very First Interview.

9 brilliant remarks:

Anonymous said...

So I went and read your interview....and that is so awesome. :D Congrats.

sarahjayne smythe said...

I already read the interview. Very cool. :)

Amy Jo Lavin said...

I read the interview. Very, very funny!

JustineDell said...

That was sooo cute! So you're co-authoring? That's cool too. Good luck!


Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

Ummm who's the compulsive liar *whiny voice* MISS-I-PROMISE-TO-WRITE-A-CHAPTER-TONIGHT-BUT-NOT-REALLY.

Hmmpphh! LOL

And for the record, I don't eat 10 cupcakes a day. It was 4. And it was my birthday. So there. *sticks out tongue*


Tina Lynn said...

I'm going to print it out and use it as a bookmark when I read your ARC. *clears throat* You will make sure I get an ARC, right?

Jemi Fraser said...

LOL :) I'll click on over after work!

Kimberly Franklin said...

LOL! Good luck!!