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-A.J. Jacobs

Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't Fall Over

I'm posting a blog post.


Don't be too shocked.

School's going smoothly, and I'm hoping to be back around more often. Probably a couple times a week-ish, er, something like that.

Anyway, the exciting news is that I'm in New York with my crit partner/best friend turned writing partner and we are seriously buckling down on our book. It feels so good to be writing again or at least in the process of writing again.

Kristen introduced me to character chat last night, which when she first brought it up sounded a tad bit crazy, but WHOA it was awesome. Basically TinaLynn chatted with Kristen and I who played the main characters.

I know, I know, sounds bizarre and maybe even a little crazy, but it SO helped. Tinalynn asked some great questions and our plot seriously thickened and we worked out some amazing things as we stepped in our characters' shoes and pretended to be them. And, just so you know, a few times I was nervous that character Kristen kinda scared me a bit. And I wasn't so sure sleeping in the same house with her was a good idea.  (You know I love you Kristen)

I'd so suggest you doing this to get to know your characters better. I feel I know the character I'm writing so well right now and the chapter that I'm working on shows it.

It's good to be back. Hope to start seeing everyone around again.

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Kristen said...


Kristen said...

For seriously, it's been like two months. #almostsentoutasearchparty #butsinceyouareherewithmerightnowguessIdonthaveto

Kristen said...
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Sara McClung ♥ said...

cooooool character chat is a brilliant idea :)

welcome back to blogging <3

Christopher said...

that's awesome! glad to hear things are going so well

Kierah Jane Reilly said...

glad to know I'm not the only one who's been neglecting my blog!

Tina Lynn said...

Questions? Yeah, didn't get a chance to ask to many of those. You two were on a roll just talking to each other. It was fun to watch though :)

Lola Sharp said...

Yes, that is an excellent writing exercise for getting to know your characters. Plus, it's fun. :)

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