My reading list grows exponentially. Everytime I read a book, it'll mention three other books I feel I have to read. It's like a particularly relentless series of pop-up ads.
-A.J. Jacobs

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bickering Blogfest

Kristen over at Take It As It Comes is holding a Blog Fest...a BICKERING one, yesssssssss. :) Let's get to it, and make sure you check out the other blogfesters here!

Here is a scene from Post-It Bandits. Hope you enjoy.


“Come on Cam, you’re not still worried about Bree and the Brainless Apes, are you?” Jordan rolled her eyes and gave him a look that said: pathetic.

Cam relaxed his shoulders that had been creeping up to his ears and tried to look nonchalant, but his acting skills were pitiful. It didn’t even take her a minute to bust out her nonsense meter and figure out that he was more worried today than he was yesterday. Thinking about something disturbing nonstop could do crazy weird things to a person — it could make them even more paranoid than normal.

“Are you for real? I mean, seriously, who cares about what Bree Meyers thinks anyway?”

Everyone in the world except for you. “I don’t really care — it’s just embarrassing. Is it possible for you to even try to understand? Even if I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, the rest of Jackson Middle School seems to think so — besides you and Bryan. And you don’t really count, Jordan, because number one, you’re my friend and number two, you’re a glitch in the system.”

Bryan chimed in, “Well, I for one am glad that you don’t care what they think. Let’s get real here. You’d never be allowed into their group even if the aliens come down from Planet Zorcon today and declared you their king.” He laughed, complete with a snort at the end.


“You know, the aliens that are about to take over the world.”

Cam and Jordan both rolled their eyes.

Bryan, unaffected by their total disregard, gathered his face together and made googly eyes and kissing noises. “Plus, I’d hate for you to change, because I wuv you just the way you are.” His voice raised a couple octaves – not that it had to go up much because he sounded like a girl half the time as it was.

Jordan snickered.

Cam glared at him. “You look like a monkey pig when you do that. It’s fitting. You should do it more often.”

“What the heck’s a monkey pig? Is that even an actual animal?”

“Yeah. Mr. Baker showed us a slideshow of the weirdest looking animals the other day.”

“Ah. Cool.”

“Wait. Why am I making small talk? I’m irritated with you. And you.” Cam moved his glare over to Jordan.

Bryan lifted up his nose to look like a demented pig. “It must be because this monkey pig face is irresistible.”

When Cam didn’t laugh or break his stride, Bryan continued, “Whatever. Be angry all you want. Like I care.”

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Easy There, Girl.

Hi. My name is Tiffany and I'm a compulsive over-achiever and goal setter.

Hi Tiffany.

*insert nervous smile*

You see, all of my lofty goals were just that. Lofty. And so much was on my plate...and...and...
*breaks down in sobs*

It's okay. Let it all out. We are here to support you. Tell us how you really feel.

*quiet sniffles; wipes tears from eyes* It's just that when I make huge goals and don't succeed, I feel worse off than if I hadn't set goals in the first place.

*heads nod in agreement (or support - or for fear that the crazy sobbing over-achiever might hurt them if they don't)*


Blah. Blah. Blah. Whatever.

So basically, I realized that setting ridiculously high goals for yourself is not a good idea. Because when you fail (miserably, at that) it really, really, really sucks. Did I mention really?

I've made new (obtainable) goals for myself. They aren't able to be posted either, because they aren't daily goals. Some days are rougher than others. Some days my children make me wonder what type of species they are and why God granted them with the highest, screechiest voices in the world. Some days my kids fight from the moment they roll out of bed. Some days I don't feel like writing. (GASP!)

I had to remind myself that this is my summer. I work all school year to get to this point and it is ridiculous that I am stressing myself out even more than I do during the school year.

So, some days I will:

Not get out of my PJs
Spend 5 hours at the pool working on my tan
Play with my kids
Read a book

Which in turn, will let the words flow easier. Anyone else a chronic and compulsive overachiever that punishes themself for not meeting goals? Come on. You're a writer. Admit it. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Drumroll Please...

I have officially survived:

  • The last week of school
  • Taking and PASSING my 4-8 certification test
  • 4th Grade Awards Ceremony
  • Working on a Saturday
  • Our first dance rehearsal and recital
And today officially begins the first day of summer! Woot! Besides a few maintenance type things around the house (AKA clean-the-house-that-has-been-neglected-for-weeks) and of course playing stay-at-home mommy for the next couple months, I am back to writing full time and with goals.

I figured that since I've been such a slacker in my favorite area of life, I should post goals for you all to hold me accountable to:

  • Write a minimum of 1,000 words a day toward my WIPs
  • Go back to DFW Writer's Workshop ASAP
  • Get critiques back to critter buddies in a timely manner (24-48 hours)
  • Start working on new WIP with Kristen
  • Blog 3 times a week
  • Read AND comment on at least 10 blogs/day
  • Join the world of Twitter again
Lofty goals, eh? Yeah, well, maybe so, but I am determined. And when I get determined, things get done. Like, maybe a novel or two. Or winning tug-of-war? Because this is me when I'm determined:

WHAT?!? I like to win. There's nothing wrong with a little determination. You know, besides a burst neck vein. Pft. Like you've never looked like that before. Ahem, well, whatever.

I'm glad to be back! I'll leave you with a pic of K1 (who totally rocked all 3 dances) & K2 (who was the cutest dancing poodle EVER) and their epic weekend!